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FINEST SPA is the financial company established in 1991 by the Italian Government with the aim to support economic development and international co-operation of North East of Italy region.

FINEST SPA is a joint stock company of which the main shareholders are FRIULIA SPA, the financial company owned by the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto Region, the Autonomous Province of Trento, SIMEST SPA and some national bank.

FINEST SPA strengthens the economic development, the competitiveness and the increasing of the partner corporate value on global markets, acting as equity and semi equity partner and as advisor for international operations.

Working in 44 countries from Central Europe to Balkans, Russian Federation, CIS and Mediterranean Region, FINEST makes international projects doable sharing the equity of foreign ventures, providing direct loans and, in the meantime, making the attraction of financial subsidies possible.

Thanks to its own experience, coming from a reference of 500 international projects, and a total investment of 270 million euros allocated jointly with partners companies based in the North East of Italy, FINEST offers a huge consulting support allowing the partner companies to get their own projects successful.

Through the involvement of a tested network of international professionals, companies and business partners, FINEST can even play a role of business developer and generator for commercial operations.